Independent Contractor or Employee

Independent Contractor or Employee
One of the many consequences of the changes to our tax system in 2018 was the creation of incentives in areas that previously did not exist. Included in this discussion is the classification of an employee versus an independent contractor. The “Section 199A” deduction allows pass-through entities to exclude up to 20% of their earnings from taxation. An independent contractor has the ability to potentially take this deduction while almost all employees cannot.

Both Federal and state governments have recognized this as a significant audit issue in the past, and we expect this to be an even larger “hot topic” moving forward due to the Section 199A deduction. Employers are at risk for misclassification of employees through random audits, workplace injury when the worker does not have workers compensation coverage but believes they should have, or even layoffs if the worker tries to apply for unemployment coverage. In the latter two examples, the state may step in to investigate the situation.

The state of New Jersey has a straightforward assessment to determine whether the worker is an employee or independent contractor. If the following three questions can be answered “yes”, the worker is an independent contractor. If any question is not a “yes”, the worker should be classified as an employee.

1. Has the worker been and will continue to be free from any control or direction over the performance of services both under his/her contract and in fact?
2. Is the service outside the usual course of the business for which it is performed, or is it performed away from its business?
3. Is the worker customarily engaged in an independently established business that is of the same nature as that involved in the service?

These questions can also be used to assess worker classification for Federal or other states outside New Jersey. The penalties for violations in this area can be very severe and have a strong negative impact on your business or trade. If you have any questions on this classification, please reach out to our professional staff. Our experienced professionals can address this, or any other questions you may have.

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