How to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

For most Americans, Social Security is a significant retirement asset. Although an ideal retirement scenario does not depend solely on Social Security, the importance of Social Security as part of a comprehensive retirement plan cannot be ignored. Getting your arms around Social Security can be very complicated. Let us help you deal with the complex benefit formulas and provide you with a calculated decision regarding when to claim benefits in order to maximize this valuable benefit. We will help you determine the optimal age to begin benefits.

We have the resources and skills to provide you with a comprehensive analysis and strategy for claiming Social Security.  We can provide:

  • An introduction to Social Security, explanation of key terms, and an explanation about how your benefits are calculated.
  • An analysis that compares you cumulative Social Security Benefits for different starting dates and life expectancies.
  • Help you determine how to optimize when to begin benefits. Should I start collecting benefits at 62 or wait until 66 or 70?
  • When can, or should my spouse begin taking the spousal benefit?
  • How can I get a 32% monthly Social Security benefits “bonus”?

Contact us today to discuss what information we will need to provide you with your Social Security Analysis and Strategy.

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